Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson


Aggressive and statistically will probably abuse their future partners and the female children will be learned that love and abuse comes together and she may not be aware that there’s a difference between love and aggression so many cases a young woman will have a baby to receive the love that she never got to give the love she was never able to get or again because the male impose his will on her to not use a condom to have the baby or he lied to her and saying.

I’ll be with you for the rest of my life well the first question I’ll ask any couple is why we here and if the issue the violence comes up I will point out that again this problem does not belong to her it’s his problem however it does affect her so one of the first things that any therapist or any specialist in domestic violence is to separate one problem from the other meaning of this a communication problem you can adjust that as couples but a visit domestic violent.

Issues the man Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson should seek his own help for his own problem and usually the best form of help that a man can get is in a group setting because he’ll be either supported or let me say the word challenge his belief system and together the group will kind of grow and formulate new ways of thinking and behaviors so social us always be a separate treatment for both denial blaming lying which is when the man knows he’s being abusive but he just doesn’t want admitted minimization which is when the man plays down what he does so if he hits her he may use the word I only pushed you I just yelled.

At you but you know when he uses those three phrases just but and only he’s instantly minimizing what he’s done to lady justification is when you really believe you have the right to abuse a woman again this goes a little bit into culture and religion which is the Bible says I can abuse you or the Bible says that a woman is inferior or the culture says that a man is supposed to be the head of the household some.