How To Have A Fantastic Domestic Violence With Minimal Spending


Entitled is included in our your assignment paperwork will list the upcoming court date the case will be heard in the family part of Superior Court by the designated judge your first court appearance will be a pre-conference this may be where you meet with your client for the first time if you haven’t received discovering materials by the plea conference the prosecutor should provide them at that time if you have not already met with your client you should review the case.

with your client and then meet with the prosecutor okay Jake do you know why you’re here yes hold the cops on me okay well this is a your second violation of the restraining order so it’s a pretty severe they have some serious evidence in reference to telephone records and a card I sent to her car okay yeah I called on the phone okay all right well I’m gonna go talk to the prosecutors see what can be done okay prosecutors will usually make a plea offer in order to resolve.

The case the prosecutor is obligated to discuss any plea offer with the victim well it’s a second violation so he’s facing days of jail discuss this plea offer with your client in private okay Jake spoke with the prosecutor days jail is mandatory days I’m gonna do that’s the best you could do days is mandatory that’s the best basically the plea agreement is that we can do days weekends that way you can still go to your job Monday through Friday and it will not be any interruption all right if the client refuses the plea offer you should advise the prosecutor.

if this is a first offense the prosecutor will typically offer a plea of probation but depending upon actual facts in the case the prosecutor may insist on jail time which could include time already.