Seven Ways To Learn New Ac Unit Tucson Effectively


On was new ac unit Tucson around degrees on the roof surface temperature of the house now just for reference purposes I’ll take a couple other readings by reading out of the top of the year service temperatures about that’s the air coming out but take a reading on the coals reading on the coals of right at about let’s say are being sucked in but it’s also picking up the heat that’s in the coals full coming out of the house the one that’s hot that’s going to be the one that’s being pumped in the high pressure around the low-pressure coming out around degrees so that one school or for that someone.

Sweating that’s after the cooling has occurred in the house and it’s being decompressed out here and it gets kind of counter intuitive but it’s the actually the hotter high-pressure line that goes into the house that does the cooling inside the core you can hear the units actually quite quiet running right now alright looks like we have a little bit of a discrepancy here in our temperatures so maybe our temperatures outside are significantly hotter the new.

Thermostat program will shows at in here programmed to be at and when I do a wall temperature here I’m actually getting closer to so it feels rather cool in here I mean but it’s below and currently so possibly the fact that it’s blowing cold air is leading to the lower readings on the thermostat all right let’s go check the output and input into the vents alright here’s our intake save yourself a little bit actually our intake temperature right.

Here if I’m on a camera so far it’s around degrees they’re going in now let’s go take a look at the air that’s coming out of the vent all right here is one of our vents you can say that but put it in there showing the going down but right around degrees that’s even going lower now.

degrees that’s even going lower now to degrees blowing out of the vent okay yep hit a couple of now blowing out in the degrees coming out of the vent absolutely incredible result considering it’s degrees outside simply all right so that shows some gives you some ideas of the temperatures that we’re dealing with with the new unit unfortunately I didn’t take any.